Node.js is great programming language that enables great flexibility developer as well as web product.

Jswalker is a privately held MVC framework for node.js application

Jswalker provide the node.js engineer to create foundational application,real time in nature with perfect scalability is designed to create enterprise application to improve product quality and achieve highest potential of Node.js

I have special respect for Express.js.Jswalker wrapped around the thin layer of Express.js Every Express.js functionality working as it is.Jswalker 's aim is to make application more robust so adding extra features into Express.js lib make jswalker more stable.


Jswalker is strict in nature for robust application and more concurrency control over web which is the higher priority of any enterprise.Once developer familliar with jswalker architecture it will playground of the web.

Foundation is dream of the enterprise approach which generate the value of product this is main reason to flow of jswalker is very strict.which does not meant that it is hard to understand.

Major foundational parts are :

  • Entry and exit interface of any request ( Http | Ajax | Socket ) unique and simillar way
  • Ajax And Socket calling with minor adjustment
  • Rendering process

Core Libs

It is always centric issue to make system flexible,which only achieve by to making core minimal

Jswalker has 4 major libraries

  • jswalker : Core library
  • jswalker-query : Mysql query management
  • jswalker-booster : Socket handling
  • jswalker-dot :doT.js template engine to accelerate rendering processing