It seems node.js design for single core to achieve non-blocking fashion, but is no risk to use all core of cpu.to handle more concurrent requests. jswalker excel with that : just set the cluster flag true.


An Enterprise level,little failover create great chaos in firm. We have to keep shaping out self with the situation of 24 * 7 . With clusterized solution of cpu core we have great flexibility to deal with faults. if one cluster goes down rest of handle the task , and failed cluster respawn the cluster

Console Tracing

Trace file name + Line number of response source.it is very helpful to track down the error(Logical+Syntax) quickly.

Sql Executor

Execute single statement or file of set-of-sql statements.

File tracking

Track file quickly not just one project but we can do multiple project tracking changes and push into remote server via ssh. Not like git : But very helppful for single entry push point.


This feature great at following points :

  • Experiment with product
  • Backdoors
  • Run Multiple Web site within same domain


Database is heart of web development,but what we need with enterprise approach "many databases". jswalker not only provide multiple databases but also provide flexibility with multi flavour database(Mysql MongoDb).


World moves with great realtime challanges,more realtime communication. We don't have to put additional effort to use socket. just set socket flag true, we are in business with realtime capabilities. The framework also deal with socket throttling. Prevent forged user.


Jswalker stick with single point entry-interface and exit so configuration system of jswalker based on that
each config variable put on shelter/entry-interface.js and all but few config variables are accessible in project.

DASHBOARD Control Snap


Squeezer minify + uglify script but also replace to all files to one script and one style file and also update index file path with reference point and also feature to exclude and include some files.

Database Tracking

Major preoblem in development and production environment is keep database integrity same for both development and production this feature show difference between database structure Cool isn't it?

Memory Snapshot

A great feature : Track the memory snapshot of every request call(Http+Ajax+Socket) to track in file + mysql database.

Database situational snapshot(MySql)

Every Mysql database queries are covered with tracing mechanism , how many memory used by query and how much time taken for execution.


Take Mysql backup local + Remote database.


Uglify and minify task little tedious with self , which grunt makes easy but running grunt some time also make tedious job, we need one click solution.jswalker provide one tab with automation

  • Grunting
  • Restart server
  • Domain adjuster

Error log

Error log of every main domain and sub domain , And whoever access this console change the error status amd provide suggestion over error.


This is a tiny but special feature in jswalker,it is very useful to make REST API system better with small functionality.
Some of features like:

  • Override mysql connection
  • Universal feature used in through out the application

Jswalker has some basic features for Node.js application

Basic Feature


The framework has one of great concern to make fault tolerance system for the node.js,every dot is connected in aspect of deevlopment approach, to speedup development process.


Node.js project need some extra cure for application,because if anything goes wrong,system might get meltdown and stop the business process,does not matter system is not responding minutes or hours : business time is money by the way.Jswalker put extra effort on this case,encompasses the evry corner of jswalker application with error handler in core as well supporting libs(query,dot engine,booster),even asyn error fault jswalker handle with charm(Redis case).


If you ask the business guy for performance ,they simply don't care of it,but product need performance in any situation.The framework had many remove many bottleneck of performance issue : Maintaining variable passing mechanism , Use local variables , release connection after used , tracked memory and database transaction every database request.

Application Monitoring

If config is set : Every request(Http,Ajax,Socket) tracked down with memory and execution time. Forgot about the Third party APM use and make better own APM with jswalker.

Resource utilization

Framework use the all resource if it is installed on system :
Redis : Session handling in jswalker with express-session but if we want any parmanant solution just installed redis and config basic step and set redis flag true. many other resources of system used it's best potential need to be.


Agility : This term sounds simple but there are many hidden benefits towards application development.i mean if we want rapid and frequent development agility help us to get things clear: it is totally upon development core task strategy,but if we combine the few features of jswalker we can achieve the agility.

Strict foundation

Strict foundation is just way to intituetion of great product builing , when things got massive : We need groundwork, AS team gets fammiliar easy peasy japanesey


Node.js project need some extra care and if it fail to task ,it need extra cure. Jswalker deal with integritysince it started the foundation for enterprise.
Evrey Area is made with fault tolerance system to make system rock solid and give near metal performance.