Love Byte(s),Love WebRTC
I will stop using node.js when Johnnie Walker stop walking !!!
Javascript It's very scripty !!!
Node.js Just dive once into this
Phonegap Bridge between phones.
MongoDb JSON Into BSON
Mysql Silver bullet of web family.
Grunt Piece of cake.
Jayesh Sapkale (Jswalker)

(5 skill out of 9 related with javascript)

Javascript is the best language to interact with web application,with JavaScript, web application can reach it's higher scalable apps.
I'm working on it from very long time since 2011(5 Years) and created useful libraries that easy to use in any web like

Backgorund ajax page fetching(JINT) useful in SPA(single page apps )
Javascript error capture (jErr).
low level useful function small javascript library.
Multiple image streaming with different size with node.js

follow prototype approach in every web/mobile apps.

Very fortunate to tell you guys that i've knowledge of node.js ,Node.js is the Server side JavaScript,it means no more Multi- thread programming.just single thread server all bloody bunch requests of the web.i do with Sintra like flavour framework "express.js" with node.js from 3-4 Years.

Quido(Own MVC framwork with socket-io flavour build on express.js)
Exventure (travelling social networking site with real time)
uBot (Customer support system in realtime)
Realtime (Geo chat) with phonegap.

Custom node modules with npm publish.
Node-webkit Knowledge
Backend Json based API knowledge with phonegap


node-mysql npm is very fast and very easy to use and gives high performance database manipulation with database pool mechanism.

Reduce the complex code of CRUD operation and create own mechanism
Pool mechanism for speedup database and high data availability
All queries are Atomicity and Transactions proof.


Not much only session system(session storing mechanism) and set,get,delete variable in redis database.

Grunting is very simple and cool and useful library.i can handle css and html minifying,watch,javascript uglify task with Grunt.which is very useful in large level projects.

I have some knowledge of phonegap for building mobiles apps using API provided by phonegap to Building mobile means i can turn web app to mobile app using some feature of device like filesystem,notification,camera.
SPA implement/handling with prototype in every phonegap project.
Realtime (Geo chat) with Node.js.


Mongodb the speedup enterprise application,i've developed one system one kind of framework with flexible configuration use both mongo and mysql need little configuration mongo is up and running.

CRUD Operation.
Map reduce.
Concept of Replica
Concept of Sharding
Complex embeded linking.


The first language i learned in web is PHP and after years of development knowledge i've created php framework(floaty) for mid-large apps with flavour of texture(functionality to convert database rows to final html block using single chunk of comment section(layout of html).

Socket io ,The great realtime library also including streaming services,I learned just after node.js start to learn,and very good knowledge of and for image and video streaming.

Image & Video streaming.
Mobile and Web realtime chat.
Data manipulation in realtime with server and less overhead of ajax request.

A promise of high Performance web apps and mobile apps deliever,using node.js mysql(with database pool mechanism i have performance /availability mysql test ),mongodb and for small apps redis is there.i will personally guarantee of 30-50% hike of performance with node.js over traditional web development.
Project architecture
I can handle of whole project flow and architecture after all or partial requirement of project is present.and also maintain the project changebility.
If project budget bare the security money then,i can manage SSL security(https) with node.js and also minimal secure web app without SSL using custom encryption technique on request and response of web,so no need to worry.
Payment Integration
I have some knowledge of payment integration mostly with (payu money) with node.js
Realtime projects
Only with chrome,mozilla latest browser
E-Commerce mobile App
With node.js phonegap