Pitcher Policy
Trust is an amazing part of jswalker.As a single web-engineer establishing trust is hard.But it is easy process to establishing the trust for me for a few reasons
  • I have few resources so I have to build system semi-scalable to my side.
  • Less data storage and efficiently manage the data flow make 'Pitcher' system much efficient.
Which data store?
Pitcher platform collection of API calls. Thus it requires a special token mechanism instead of session-management to identify the user account.
This scenario requires the one trusted source such as Twitter to use basic details. Once user authorized twitter-account Pitcher to pull basic details like {twitter_id, username, display name,profile-pic} and push into system.
Resource loading policy
Whole Pitcher platform is built on Progressive-web way thus it only consume data for once(Or after PWA update itself).
All non-frequent data will store into IndexedDB to pull non-frequent and relatively new data into client storage.
Data Storage system
MySQL: Used to store basic detail of authorized twitter info.Pitch submission store into MySQL system as well.
Redis: Used to store the Pitch count of twitter-handle.
MongoDB: Used to store(Temporarily) to verify twitter-token.
Data Security
Pitcher is built on jswalker. Jswalker have data policy protocol:
  • Code Protection : Jswalker code managed by its control module thus is protected from the third-repo system.
  • Code Sync : Every bit of jswalker code sync from local to remote via special tokenize mechanism(Crypto).
  • Hidden layer : Jswalker has a hidden layer of protection it will use in hazardous scenarios (Can not disclose full implementation here).
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