[WebRTC Fault]WebRTC Support Required

I’m a self made && unorthodox web-engineer,with +6 years of experience with Real-Time and Classified project,




Web walkie-Talkie

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Resource Transmission with pure Peer-To-Peer Fashion

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Peer To Peer Resource transfer(Lightning speed) Anonymously

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Tribute to Redditors & Reddit

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Anonymous chat application gratitude to WebRTC & Socket.io

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Business pitch to twitter-handle platform

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Kabhi Kabhi Pro

Gaming Community Platform

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NEWS Aggregator Platform

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Search engine for Resume

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Hiring platform : Application to Interview process with inbuilt interview module(Audio+Video)

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Social platform for Gaming community

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Communication Platform : For friends and family

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Celebrity to Fan connection : People connect with their fan/role-model/leader

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HandPicked YouTube Collection

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Meeting Platform : Quick way to setup group meeting

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Voice of an indian citizen constituency wise

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Try and See your self world of #Eavesdropping

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Classified : It relate to Espionage-platform


About Me :

I need an organization who will back me and invest in product development with jswalker.

My Name is Jayesh Sapkale, Dropout from masters.

I spent exactly two years for the Nation's best interest in security(Cyber) , without Government support.

My Moral standards are better than most of the tech organizations.

Believes in product architecture.

Expert in building product from scratch.


I believe in product building strategy before building mvp.jswalker is specially design to build robust web-apps | PWA | backend application.

What makes Jswalker is different from other framework.

Foundational Values

Jswalker is built on product development strategy.To achieve near-metal performance : jswalker rely on core and Robust technology and production tactics

  • 1. Use minimal approach start with MVP
  • 2. Team Formation (If required)
  • 3. Plan database architecture : (Use few and best databases)
  • 4. design simple UI
  • 5. Design API system
  • 6. Add features and Hot fixes

Progressive app first

If your web-application heavily depend on data oriented and less hardware accelaration needed.you must go with Progressive Web App which act like app but does require any kind of Native development experience.

Use IndexedDB

IndexedDB is client side storage and reduce unnecessary http calls to server for improve server health and prevent server melt-down.

Use MySql

Use MySQL for complex structure and more advanced query to retrieve data from server to client.

Use Redis

Use Redis for small amount of frequent data to handle higher concurrent rate

Redis Possible use : {Session storage,Store top records,Instant Messages,webrtc-data for quick connection,As per App requirement}

Use WebRTC

Whenever you need to Communication platform : (Web-to-Web and Web-to-app) WebRTC is first choice to do realtime Communication.


Javascript+Jquery+prototype approach
Service Worker
MongoDB(Only for CRUD)

What is jswalker

Node.js Robust Framework for product development only

Nature of Jswalker

Strict with Centralize(Local+Remote) development process.Without exposing credentials to Third-party

How security works whille in development process

It all begun from a single person perspective to keep local code into remote location with proper security.it had two ways to deal the code-push

1. Without git : use control module of jswalker as single person team.Each code-push request will backed by Unique long token to authorize local machine on remote machine.

2. With git : Use git on remote server with ssh key authorize to pull and push development code and production code will manage by control module with ssh-key.

Building Process


My philosophy put me in so much trouble but still i am stick with it.

Avoid Rat-Race : Think-Product-First Approach

Create product which really matters with foundation.

Research before start product & use proper technology stack @ MVP level

Use metal layer techniques,tools,technologies to create product foundation stronger and independent.

Build a Team who really care for product not for job-security

Please do not fall into the trap of corporate junks like React.js and angular.js it does not helps but it make app more complex.

Decode Me

Do you care about product engineering?
Do you believe product-engineering should build by special team?
Do you believe Stack like(MEAN,MERN or Whatever ) will help you to build a better product?
Do you believe one cloud will handle concurrency better?
Do you think frontend frameworks/libs helps build rapid prototype.?
Do your organization believes in moral compass while building a product?

List of Trial

First Trial

I was not looking for job instead looking for push my framework into organization.But between this process i got my first job at first trial after completing three round of interviews,the main problem with that organization was they heavily rely on some other framework which i believe they should not use for projects(Main reason was memory leak problem).They use same stack for all the product which i really not find interesting.

Remote Location

It was a simple trial and error method for overseas reach for my framework.I drop this idea because of lack resources at my side that moment.Simply no remote company ever use from unknown source

Third Trial

Telephonic Interview but not interested

Fourth Trial : Most Cursed Moment

Clear Interview process and specify my intention about framework but later on i drop framework idea for company and work on their stack.

I learn about requirement of project and found mal-practice of development+management.I wrote to the MD of organization twice about project scenario and made draft to understand need and actual task flow for project development,I have created a 50 mysql tables which comprise whole project,API system,Minimal Team Formation but at the end they didn't give a fuck about it.

They don't care if developers use MongoDb(Mongoose as addtional layer) for Highly relational strcuture.I left organization with simple mail without taking any money from them with advice about database security just before 2 months about mongodb Ransomware attack happened.Hope they didn't loose their code-base.

Fifth Trial

Local web base company : I am glad that they simple refuse with this statement "We don't authority over this kind of decision" .

Chat module for linkedin(Before they didn't had one)

Not find a proper way but a quick and realtime chat module was ready with future load balancing approach.

Parley for google and twitter

Platform where fan-followers can talk with celebrities face-to-face without exposing any kind of personal information

I applied at google career page in hope of any human will read this proposal.Project parley could be a nice project in google service.

Even once talk with g-suit support team for help to submit my idea,they simply point out link where anyone can put ideas without any registration.I did it thrice

Indian Government

The Most crucial and largest classfied project about security:Still pending,but no solid reponse after 24 months(Feb-2017 to Feb-2019)

News Portal PWA for thewire.in

Neat and simple PWA-APP but didn't get any Response yet


Pending Mode at angel.co


Pending Mode at angel.co


Pending Mode at angel.co


Pending Mode at angel.co


Pending Mode at angel.co


Pending Mode at angel.co

Contact Me

There are many good ways to contact me share your future project ideas/MVP/help or anything

1.Say something..

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Use Trunk My trunk code is : "jayesh"


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